Career Counseling in Toronto

Career counseling and coaching with a psychologist can turn your life around so that you are in the driver’s seat going where you want to go. Having a career coach is a great step in managing your life.

Many clients achieve a new roadmap in four to five sessions based on their identified strengths, aptitudes, interests, skills, motivation, needs and goals.

Psychological-vocational testing is only part of the career counseling process. My program can help you to achieve life and work balance. After all, people have relationships and families, as well as jobs.

The career testing and counseling program also assesses levels of stress and provides tools to learn effective stress management techniques as part of your career and personal life skills.

There is also assistance with career counseling issues such as how to deal with difficult work environments, co-workers, bosses, job “burnout,” build good employee relations, develop confidence and advance with leadership training and professional development.

Additional career counseling/coaching can help you understand organization culture, organization change, and behavior described as “office politics” and to develop tools and strategies to deal with these challenges.

Corporate Services

Psychological Assessments

A full range of assessment services/protocols is available. Applications include vocational personality profile assessments for successful selection of candidates for hiring, promotion, succession planning, and professional development purposes. The goal is to achieve an optimal fit between the person and the demands of the job so that both organizations and employees benefit and also avoid costly unsuccessful hiring outcomes.

Professional Development/Coaching

High potential employees (managers, executives) may benefit from professional development counseling/coaching to enhance their communication, leadership training, and interpersonal skills to prepare them for higher levels of responsibility and effectiveness.

Conflict/Anger Management

Anger management intervention and counseling can assist employees who have difficulty dealing with conflict and lack anger management tools. Sometimes, employees may have good technical skills and work histories, but performance or attitude problems arise, or strained relations between co-workers or employee and supervisor may develop. Counseling that both educates and builds anger management skills can help such employees acquire the requisite tools they need.