Family Counseling Services in Toronto ON

  • Are you experiencing family disputes?
  • Do you agree with your partner’s/spouse’s parenting  and  lifestyle approach?
  • Do you share similar family goals and priorities?

Family System theory helps couples to understand patterns of relating to their partners through understanding the learning passed on through their own families.

The legacy of any family is the passing on the parents’ interaction patterns, beliefs, assumptions, behaviors, values, customs, knowledge about the world, and interests.

Family counseling may include gathering a three generation family history back to the grandparents of an individual, couple or family for the purpose of understanding and treating entrenched dysfunctional family dynamics and patterns that continue to play out in the person’s life. Dr Marilyn Miller is a family counselor in Toronto.

Dysfunctional as well as healthy patterns are acquired through the normal parenting and socialization process. They play out in a person’s adult life out of awareness unless brought to attention through counseling and therapy.  This can be offered through Toronto family counseling services given by Dr Marilyn Miller.

For more information contact Dr. Marlilyn Miller, a family counselor in Toronto, on how she can help you and your family.